IPTV Diffusion is a form of television that is revolutionizing the world of broadcasting.
IPTV Diffusion uses Internet and enables reception of channels anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. (by Cable, Adsl, WiFi, Mobile. etc.)
IPTV Diffusion is designed to be used specially in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

IPTV Diffusion puts an end to:

  • The expensive and complicated satellite installations.
  • Monopoly of local suppliers – you have the Liberty of choosing your television stations provider.
  • Place of viewing is not longer fixed – when you go on vacation , you have your TV channels with you.

You need only:

  • An Internet connection (preferably broadband for a better quality of reception).
    For Belgium, Netherlands, France it is better to use a cable operator like: Voo, Telenet, Numeri cable, Ziggo, etc.
  • A reception Box (Set Top Box), application on your computer, a tablet or your SmartPhone.

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